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Friday, April 14, 2017

**Jellybean Jubilee PTU Tut: Irish Princess**

Any resemblance to any other tutorial or signature is merely coincidental and is not intended.
I am using the artwork of Nocturne - Tube "Spring Bouquet"  –. You can purchase this artwork and a license to use them HERE you MUST have a license to use this work
I am using the font: Lily Belle
I am using kit: Jellybean Jubilee  by Irish Princess Designs, you can find it here, here, here
I am using mask : of your choice
Pieces of the kit used in this tutorial are:

    Paper 4
    Element 53
    Element 62
    Element 74
    Element 80
    Element 4
    Element 98
    Element 99
    Element 31
    Element 18
    Element 30
    Element 47
    Element 44
    Element 45
    Element 49
    Element 57
    Element 87
    Element 98
    Element 34
    Element 27
    Element 23
    Element 48
    Element 68
    Element 76
    Element 87
    Element 88

You must have working knowledge of PSP to complete this tutorial. This tutorial was written using PSPX8
Open new Canvas 800*400
C+P Tube resize place in center

    Element 53 resize & place behind tube, place left duplicate place right
    Element 62 resize & place above element 53 place left, duplicate flip horiz. Place right
    Element 74 resize & place above element 62 place left, duplicate flip horiz place right
    Element 80 resize & place above tube to the left
    Element 4 resize & place behind element 62 to the left
    Element 98 resize & place above element 4
    Element 99 resize & place behind element 98
    Element 31 resize & place behind tube to the right
    Element 18 resize & send to bottom, place right of canvas, duplicate flip horiz, place left
    Element 30 resize & send to bottom place left of canvas , duplicate place right of canvas (erase the bottoms)
    Element 47 resize & place behind element 80
    Element 44 resize & place above element 53 to right
     Element 45 resize & place behind element 44
     Element 49 resize & place above tube, duplicate 3x
     Element 57 resize & place above element 49 to the right
     Element 87 resize & place behind element 49
    Element 98 resize & place behind element 49
    Element 34 resize & place above tube duplicate
    Element 27 resize & place behind element 34 to the right
    Element 23 resize & place behind element 27
    Element 48 resize & place above element 23 left , duplicate flip horiz place right
    Element 68 resize & place above element 53 left , duplicate, place right
    Element 76 resize & place above element 53
    Element 87 resize & place above tube to the right

Layers Merge Visible , resize to liking , center in canvas
Element 88 send to bottom place left duplicate once , duplicate again place right and duplicate
C+P paper 4 send to bottom mask of choice
Resize the signature if needed
The name: I am using the font: Lilly Belle  , size  18, color #53d5fd  , #ed7191 add noise

Add your copyright information and license number before saving


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