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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy Moment

This tutorial was written by Ashley Zimmerman on March 17th 2018

Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental

Supplies Needed:
PSP X8 (any version will do)
Tube of choice
Font of choice - I used Pink Script
Kit Used: ScrapGimptastic_IB-JenniferJanesko150-2
Eye Candy 7- Glow
Masks used :
WSL_Mask355 & WSL_Mask371
from weescotslass creations here

I used the stunning artwork of Jennifer Janesko
You can purchase her work and a license here

I used a gorgeous kit by Gimptastic Scraps
her kits are available here
She is also Designer of the Month
her products are currently 25% off!!
Snaggable Desktop Wallpaperhttps://postimg.org/image/iuei0tzph/

Alrighty here we go :

Open new canvas 500x500
Selections - select all
Open Paper 5 copy and paste into selection
Select none

Pick a mask of choice
I used WSL_Mask355
Layers merge group / duplicate

On the copy
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur
Radius set to 6.00
Then use Hard Light as a blend mode over it

 Open element 150-2_wordart / resize by 70%
Add drop shadow I used
V: 5 H: 5 Opacity: 35 Blur : 20

 Open element 13 / resize by 70%
Place above word art right side of canvas
Add drop shadow

 Open element 11/ resize by 40%
Place under element 13 to the left
Erase part that is showing under element 13
Add drop shadow

 Open element 16/ resize by 40%
Place left of canvas above Wordart
Add drop shadow

 Open up your tube and paste as new layer place
 between copy and group mask - Luminance blend overlay
Select your selection tool , select the part of tube
 you can see over the frame that is cut off
Selections - Modify - Feather - amount 80 - hit delete twice - select none

 Now grab your eraser tool and carefully erase any of the tube you can see on the bottom

 Duplicate tube; on the copy
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur
BUT this time setting the radius to 10
Blend mode - Overlay

 Open element 2 resize by 80% place above copy of mask to the right , 
selection tool ,
select the part of the flower that is outside of the mask
Selections - modify - feather 80 - hit delete a few times -
 selections select none add D/S
Duplicate element 2 - flip horizontal
and place left side of canvas add D/S

 Open a new raster layer rename mask - make sure it is at the bottom of your canvas
Selections select all - pick a color from your tube - I chose #e42500
Flood fill the selection-Selections select none

 Pick a mask of choice
WSL mask 371
Resize by 90% - align center in canvas
Layers merge group
Add drop shadow , pick color from your tube , BUT change your settings to
V:10 H:10 Opacity 70 blur 20 
Add name
I used the font Pink Script , Size 28
Convert to raster layer
Eye candy 7 , Glow
Simple Thin , I picked my Foreground color as the glow
Outside Glow
Glow Radius 2.00
Soften Corners 35
Opacity 100
Add drop shadow BUT change your settings to
V:3 H:2 Opacity 80 Blur 5 and back to the color black

Add copyrights as a new layer
 Crop away any excess canvas and save as PNG/JPG


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