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Friday, August 10, 2018

Hoodies&Pumpkin Spice - No Scraps Tutorial

This tutorial was written by Ashley Zimmerman on August 10th 2018
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental

Supplies Needed:
PSP 2018 (any version will do)
Tube of choice
Font(s) of choice - I used Pharmacy for the wordart
& for the names I used KG Call me Maybe
Eye Candy 7- Glow & Bevel
Animation of choice- I used Animation 632 by Sophisticat Simone 

I used the stunning artwork of PinUp Toons
You can purchase his work and a license here : http://www.cdoestore.com/

Open new canvas 600 x 200
Selections select all modify contract to 10
Flood fill with complimentary color from your tube
Effects - 3D Effects - inner bevel
Bevel - 2 ,Width 8 / Smoothness - 17/ Depth - 3/ Ambience - 0 / Shininess -14/ Angle - 248/ Intensity - 28/ Elevation - 63
Adjust - Add Noise
Gaussian at 26% / Monochrome checked
Selections select none  rename Border

Add new Raster layer move below so it’s your bottom layer
Flood fill with another complimentary color from tube rename Frame Background
Texture Effects - Texture
I used Grid with these settings
Size - 50% / Depth - 1 / Angle - 315/ Intensity - 50/ Elevation - 30

Both complimentary colors chosen above will be the same two colors worked through out the entire Tutorial !
Copy and paste tube as new layer move over to the left of frame
Duplicate your tube
On duplicate tube
Adjust - blur - Gaussian blur 21%
Blend mode Multiply

Copy and paste tube again as new layer place it above your Frame Background under the other two
Image - free rotate - right - Free at 42 degrees place where you would like
Blend mode overlay opacity about 65
Duplicate your tube  - adjust - blur - Gaussian blur at 10 % blend mode saturation
Do this one more time BUT Image - free rotate - to the left ! Blend mode overlay opacity about 46

Copy and paste tube again make sure it is right above your frame Background move over to the left where you can only see the eyes and change the blend mode to overlay opacity about 30 duplicate- image - mirror horizontal and move over to the right where you can only see the eyes
erase any parts overlapping your other tubes on both of those you just added in !

Add new Raster layer move it above your frame Background
flood fill with the same color you used for your Border
blend mode Hue

On your border add drop shadow with these settings
V- 7 / H -7 /opacity 78 / blur 12.48
Add drop shadow again BUT this time changing the V and H to -7

Grab your text tool write out - all I want ... convert to Raster layer
Grab your text tool again and write -hoodies & pumpkin spice

All I want / Hoodies & Pumpkin Spice text layers
Eye candy - Bevel with these settings
Bevel Width and Height 100
Add glow with brown (Same you used for your border)
Add drop shadow to both text layers
V-2/ H-2/ Opacity 50 / Blur 6.52

Hide all your layers besides the frame border and all your tubes that have blend modes and merge them visible rename Background Hide this layer Now merge all the others which should be - your Border Frame , your original tube and duplicate tube , and also your text layers
Add your copyright and merge that down with this merged layer
rename border

If you aren’t animating just go ahead and save as PNG or JPG
If you are animating continue reading below !

Click on Background layer - layers - view - current only
Edit - Copy special merged

Over to Animation Shop
Edit - Paste as new animation

Still in AS

Open up your animation I used Sophisticat Simone Animation - 632 from package 211
Edit - select all resize animation

On your tag duplicate ( CTRL + L )  until you have the same amount of frames as your animation

Back On the animation edit - select all - copy

On your tag select all - make sure propagate paste is selected and paste into selected frame
I did mine twice one to the left and one to the right

Back to psp

Click on your Border layer - layers - view - current only
Edit - copy special merged

Back to AS

Paste it into selected frame and line it up where it goes !

Now the way I do it is
I save as a MNG first
Then close your animation tag and animation used

Back to PSP

Font used is KG Call me Maybe
Eye Candy Glow
I write the names I am using when I write one name I change it to a Raster layer and repeat
Then I add glow and drop shadow to all of them
I then hide all layers besides one
I copy special merged


open your saved MNG file
**note : You can either open it every single time you come back over or you can open it as many times as you need - So say there is 5 names , you can open your MNG file 5 times , and on each one edit - select all and just minimize them - makes it go a bit quicker !**
Edit select all
Edit paste into selected frame and place the name where you would like
Save as a gif

Back to PSP

Hide that name , unhide another name
Copy special merged
open your saved MNG file
Edit select all
Edit paste into selected frame and place the name where you would like
Save as a gif

And keep repeating those steps until you have them all made
There might be an easier way this is just the way I prefer to do it !


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