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Friday, August 10, 2018

Peek A Boo - PTU Tutorial

Quick tut !
Supplies Needed:
PSP 2018 (any version will do)
Tube of choice
Font(s) of choice - I used KG Call me Maybe for the word art
For the names I used PinkClouds
Eye Candy 7- Glow
Mask of choice I Used one of mine - Mask_37 (Set 010)
Scrapkit Used was by Foxys Designz Inspired by this tube you can find it here:

I used the stunning artwork of Maryline Cazenave
I used Individual tube 14-3

You can purchase her work and a license here : http://www.cdoestore.com/

Open new canvas 500 x 500
Selections select all
Open paper 4 copy and paste into selection Selections select none
Layer load mask from disk Karmalized_Mask37
Merge group

Add new Raster layer
Selections select all Selections select none
Open paper 3 copy and paste into selection
Layers load same mask and merge group

Merge both masks together
Add drop shadow
V-10/ H-10/ Opacity 87/ Blur 4.32

Open tube and pick layer 3 copy and paste as a new layer resize to 70 % move towards the right
Add drop shadow with
V- is -3/ H-3/ Opacity 40/ blur- 15.47

Open tube and pick layer 2 copy and paste as a new layer resize to 70%
Move to where it’s peeking from behind the pumpkin
Adjust - blur - Gaussian blur radius set to 5
Blend mode - screen - opacity to about 71

Open element 6 copy and paste as new layer move in front of the kittens cauldron resize to 50% add drop shadow same as above BUT change the V to 3

Open element 15 copy and paste as new layer resize 50% twice make sure you put it above the candy corn element add drop shadow

Grab your text tool and write PEEK-a-BOO in Black
convert to Raster layer
Image free rotate left at 90 degrees
add Eye Candy Glow - glow radius set to 1 I used a color from my tube (orange)

Grab your text tool and write Did I scare you !? In the same color as you used for your glow
Convert to Raster layer
Image free rotate - right - free at 20 degrees
Add Eye Candy Glow but this time changing it to black and your glow radius to 3

Add name
I used font PinkClouds/ color orange / size 36
Add glow - color black - glow radius one
Add drop shadow with these settings
V-1 / H-1/ Opacity - 90/ Blur - 2

Add copyrights and save as PNG or JPG


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