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Friday, August 10, 2018

Scaredy Cat- No Scraps Tutorial

This tutorial was written by Ashley Zimmerman on August 9th 2018
Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental

Supplies Needed:
PSP 2018 (any version will do)
Tube of choice
Font(s) of choice - I used Waking Dreamer for Curved Scaredy Cat
Kenney Rocket for Scaredy Cat in Frame
FairydustB for names
Eye Candy 7- Glow
Masks used :
from Just Fi here http://justfi.co.uk/2018/07/02/masks-009-024/

I used the stunning artwork of Jeff Haynie
You can purchase his work and a license here : http://www.cdoestore.com/

Open new canvas 500x500
Select your preset shape tool I used the following settings
Rectangle / Mode - Draw Square / H Radius -20 / V Radius -20 / Line Style - Solid / Width - 10
Change your foreground to a complimentary color from your tube and background null
Draw a square
Object align right but then scoot it over a bit to the left
Convert to Raster layer Rename Frame 1
Draw a second square but smaller and place it to the left of Frame 1 convert to Raster Layer rename Frame 2

Merge your frames together -Rename Merged Frames
Grab your Magic Wand tool and select inside small left frame
Selections - modify - expand - by 6 pixels
Add a new raster layer rename it Frame Background 1
Move below Merged Frame layer and flood fill with green I used #a6c06b
Click on your merged frame layer : layers -  view - current only
Add another new Raster layer above Frame Background 1  - close out your Frame Background 1
On your merged frame layer grab
selection tool exactly as above and do it again!
 But this time copy and paste your tube as new layer and align where you would like blend mode overlay!
Duplicate your tube

Click your merged layer again : layers - view - current only
Add a new Raster layer Rename Frame Background 2
Grab selection tool exactly as above and do it again inside the big square to the right ! Flood fill with orange I used #e98123
Add noise - uniform - monochrome checked - 15 %
Select merged frame layer duplicate
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - Radius Set to 12

Above the Frame Background 2 select your text tool - font Kenney rocket size 8 foreground null and background black
write out Scaredy Cat in one line 3x  it should read SCAREDY CAT SCAREDY CAT SCAREDY CAT . Convert to Raster Layer
 Duplicate that line and place below the first one , duplicate once more and place below that one .
Now merge them down together (now all 3 lines should be in one line) convert to Raster layer
- duplicate it and move it down to the left , duplicate it and move it down to the right , duplicate it and move it down to the center and repeat till it’s filled
Merge down all the Raster text layers
Eye candy - glow - use the same green as above - glow radius 1.00 , soften corners 31 - opacity 100 - apply and then go in and do it one more time
Blend mode normal BUT Change the opacity to about 69

Select your preset shape tool select ellipse make a circle send to the bottom
Select your text tool and when the T has a curve write out SCAREDY CAT . Move the font where you would like
I moved mine down a little to make it fit between the frames .
 Hide the ellipse circle and convert to Raster layer
Eye Candy - Glow - same settings as above BUT change the glow to the same orange as above
Add drop shadow with these settings :
V- 5 , H-5 , Opacity 65 , blur 5.75

Add a new Raster Layer send to bottom select all flood fill with black
Layers - load mask - I used a mask by Fi - Mask 12
Take the opacity down to about 71

For the name I used FairydustB at size 72 color white - convert to Raster layer
for the Eye Candy glow I used the same orange as above and all the same settings
 BUT I changed the glow radius to 2
Add drop shadow with these settings :
V- 5 , H-5 , Opacity 65 , blur 5.75

Add copyrights and save as PNG or JPG


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